Record Heat Wave Set To Scorch Pacific Northwest To Southern California

Record Heat Wave Set To Scorch Pacific Northwest To Southern California

The Pacific Northwest will grapple with a dangerous and unprecedented heat wave this weekend. Record highs are expected with temperatures projected to climb to over 100 degrees. Excessive heat warnings are in effect for the upcoming week in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of California and western Nevada.

The National Weather Service said an “anomalously strong” mid-to-upper level ridge, which is typically accompanied by warm, dry weather, will drive the sharp climb in temperatures in the Northwest this weekend and into the week. The high-pressure system will likely bring record highs along with record-high minimum temperatures over the coming days.

In Seattle, the previous all-time record of 105 degrees will be broken when temperatures reach 107 Sunday. Meanwhile, Portland, Ore., is expected to reach 110, three degrees hotter than the previous record of 107 seen in downtown Portland in 1942 and at the city’s airport in 1965 and 1981.

From San Diego to Seattle, all the way to western Nevada and over more than half of Idaho, temperatures are anticipated to break daily, monthly and all-time records.

“Much of this area will see high temperatures 30 to 35 degrees hotter than average and morning low temperatures 20 to 25 degrees warmer than average over the next several days,” the NWC announcement read. “In many locations, the morning lows will be greater than the average high temperatures illustrating the anomalous nature of this historic heatwave.”


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