Powerspin by Powerball – The Bingo Wings Buster

Powerspin by Powerball – The Bingo Wings Buster

Thankfully the calf muscle I ripped a few weeks back has started to heal, so I’ve been looking around for exercise equipment to use alongside my dieting.  I’ve managed to get a few good deals over the weekend.  First stop was Amazon as I had a gift voucher to use.  I didn’t want to waste it on music and wanted to get something to tone my muscles up and push a few extra pounds off.

Now a few years back I bought Andy a Powerball – he totally loved it and I remember him saying that it gave him a great workout once he learnt how to use it correctly so had a little look to see if they had any specifically targeted for women doing resistance training.  Knowing I have problems with my hands due to my neuropathy I didn’t think the Powerball itself would be any good since my grip isn’t the greatest and being slightly clumsy I had visions of spinning it, losing grip and it smashing through our windows.  So that was crossed off the list, however, they’ve invented something else which I thought might be better for me.

Powerspin by Powerball is an isometric exercise device which is supposed to tone and shape your arms and upper body.  Perfect for me to use while I’m sitting down in the living room as I’m not able to stand very much presently. Exercise is always difficult when you’re not very mobile so ankle weights, arm weights and now the Powerspin should be ideal while I’m immobile.  At least I’ll be getting a bit of a workout that will get the heart pumping.  6 mins a day for 3 days a week according to the Powerspin website should be enough to see measurable results in 30 days.  I guess we shall see.

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