Looking Back On 2016 Or ‘Realising Stuff’

Looking Back On 2016 Or ‘Realising Stuff’

If we believe Kylie Jenner, this year has been the year of ‘just realising stuff’. And she’s been right, at least for my part. 2016 has been nice to me, although it took me a while to get that memo. There have been a few ups and downs – especially for a drama queen like me who considers missing my favourite tv-show a down – but altogether 2016 has been good to me.

The Good Stuff

I finally got to see my boyfriend again after having a long-distance relationship for four months. He was in the USA, I was in Carinthia. Everybody familiar with long-distance relationships knows how hard it gets, but they also know that it’s worth it because when you finally get to see your loved one again – that’s the best feeling ever.
My boyfriend and I met again in New York City during Christmas Holidays, so my 2016 started there, and went on in Washington DC and Miami until we flew back to Austria where normal life came at me again – adult and uni stuff, yay!
Thanks to a class at university I finally got the courage to start my own blog, though! And I cannot stress it enough, it has been one of the best decision I ever made and I’ve never been so sure about a thing either. I mean, we’re talking about the most indecisive person you’ll ever know here. Believe me, choosing between lasagna and pizza almost takes me an hour and after finally deciding on lasagna I want the pizza my boyfriend got. But back to my blog, I’m really happy about it and believe me, there’s so much more to come in 2017!

The (kinda, not so bad but definitely not good) Bad Stuff

I really missed high school this year. I mean, not for the math classes and grumpy teachers  (duh) but for my friends. I never believed anyone saying: ‘Enjoy high school, you’re gonna miss it!’ But now I do. Back then it was a lot easier to see your friends, you didn’t even have to do anything you just met them in school. Now, it’s a lot of work. Your friends live in different cities and both you and your friends have to work hard for university and the future. It’s hard work to make time when there are literally not enough hours in the day. So, when you’re lucky, you’re maybe going to see your friends during the summer and winter holidays – if that. But you always know your friends are true friends when you meet them again after months of not seeing each other and it’s like you’ve never spent a day apart.
That’s what makes it a little bit more endurable, knowing that nothing can change or break your friendship.

The Realising Stuff

To continue the topic of friendship, there are, unfortunately, also friendships that aren’t good. They’re either fake, or just straight up toxic for yourself. I started to realise that a friendship of mine was toxic in the middle of 2016 but decided to ignore it. I don’t really know why. Probably, because I was afraid of losing one of my best friends from high school. Probably, because I thought I’m overreacting. There have been a lot of incidents throughout the year, but the last one made me realise that it’s just not worth it. This friend is worth neither my time, nor my energy.
Friends should support each other, not talk sh*t about each other. A tip from me is to leave all people behind who make you feel awful or treat you badly – they are definitely not friends. It may sound harsh but believe me it is so worth it and you will feel a whole lot better after taking this step – even if it’s hard.

New Year’s Resolution

I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution this year. Why? Because I either never start doing what I plan to do in the new year or I don’t carry through it. However, I decided on doing a few things to change my way of living – not only for 2017 but for my whole life. The first thing I want to do is living life unafraid. I’m not talking about living it recklessly and not thinking about any consequences. Nah, I’m a big worrier so I’m talking about not thinking about every teeny-tiny thing and just living life more calmly and maybe a bit more bravely. Another thing, or better quote, I took to heart is: ‘Say yes to more things’. In 2016 I mutated into a couchpotatoe and thought it was a lot easier to just say ‘No’ instead of getting up and doing something. I definitely want to change that!
The last thing I want to change in 2017 is living life more happily and content.

Goodbye 2016 – Cheers 2017

I’m forever thankful for all the great things I was able to experience in 2016, the things that weren’t so good in 2016 but from which I learned a lot, the amazing people I met in 2016, and the people that matter most to me, and made 2016 a whole, whole lot better – if that is even possible.
And also thank you, my readers, for reading everything that I put up here, even if it’s sometimes just me rambling on about highlighters – thank you for everything!
Here’s to 2017! May it be filled with happy memories, so-hilarious-you-are-literally-snorting-like-a-pig-stories, and cheerful laughter!

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