7 foods that can enhance mood

7 foods that can enhance mood

Therefore, your mood depends neither on the weather outside the window nor on your relationship with others, just remember these short product lists-they will help you restore your good mood in a very short time. 


Nutmeg, green cardamom, and star anise are the main warming and delightful spices. Spices cannot be consumed alone. We recommend that you make your own non-alcoholic mulled wine or ripe wine (or the summer version of sangria). Such a drink will not only warm up in bad weather, but also create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere: after a hard day of work, you can relax, and at least for one night you can forget the endless stress. The problem is that the smell of sweet spices has a beneficial effect on our nervous system-this is an aromatherapy that will not plunge you into depression. Yes, you should not be taken away: large amounts of spices can cause allergies. Well, if you don’t want to drink a “cocktail”, just pour a handful of aromatic antidepressants into herbal tea or warm milk. 


The sweets we strive for in times of frustration and despair will not bring good mood at all. The only exception is that chocolate is the source of the “joy hormone” (but only dark). All other confectionery products contain a lot of sugar, which can cause fatigue and bad mood. Therefore, honey will provide you with better sweet comfort. Natural delicacies will make unhappy people emotionally excited, which is related to the chemical elements contained in the ingredients. Take a tablespoon or two-you won’t regret it. 


Facts have proved that vitamin B is also the cause of happy mood. Here, our focus is on seaweed rich in paclitaxel B vitamin, which regulates the work of adrenal glands, thereby regulating the lack of adrenaline, which can cause chronic fatigue and make us The mood is worse. Experts recommend giving up canned products-after all, cabbage in a sealed can is more nutritious than vitamins. Those who are interested in cooking food will be especially happy when buying freshly prepared salads, they can fill the seaweed with oil and aromatic spices by themselves.Fragrant

Bananas are another choice for pastries and cakes. Just like seaweed, they are rich in vitamin B and serotonin, both of which cause pleasure. It is also recommended that you remember about the chronic fatigue of bananas-they will provide vitality and energy for a long time. But please note: Bananas are high-calorie fruits, so if you are in a good mood, you can eat a few more pounds.


The most important thing is that at the most critical moment, the mouse will not run and will not wave its tail, otherwise, your hopes of invigorating spirits will be smashed. Fortunately, modern hens do not lay eggs, so the mythical misfortune will not threaten you at all. On the contrary, obviously, if the most common eggs are included in the menu, then wonderful happiness awaits you. The magical effect of eggs is that they contain essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D, and a large amount of tryptophan and B vitamins. It is usually time to make yourself an omelet, especially since milk is an important part of this dish. It also helps to overcome depression.


Oatmeal has the properties of having a beneficial effect on the general state of the nervous system, and under mild nerve pressure, it is an excellent treatment for depression. In addition, researchers claim that oatmeal contains tryptophan amino acids, which when processed in the body, form the “happiness hormone” serotonin. Oatmeal also contains carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are gradually absorbed, it can normalize blood sugar levels and prevent them from exceeding the normal range of the human body.


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